Only the Yuzpe method of emergency contraception (EC) is  available in the Maltese Islands (Malta and Gozo). Dedicated EC products are not imported into or manufactured in the country.

Sexual & reproductive health background information

Female population aged 15-49 Mean age at first sexual intercourse Mean age at birth of first child Total fertility rate % use of modern contraceptive methods
Estimate 99,0001 19.22 26.93 1.54 67.3%5
Year 2010 2007 2010 2011 2012

Accessibility & prescription status

Oral formulations of LNG and UPA EC are not available in Malta.

LNG oral contraceptives have been reintroduced for sale with prescription in the local market in 2015, and therefor the Yuzpe regimen is now available again (by prescription).



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Last update: September 2015