former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Emergency contraception (EC) is available in the former Yugoslav Republic of (fYR) Macedonia: LNG EC pills are available in pharmacies, but EC is not included in national guidelines for family planning or covered by social security.

Sexual & reproductive health background information

Female population aged 15-49 Mean age at first sexual intercourse Mean age at birth of first child Total fertility rate % use of modern contraceptive methods
Estimate 527,0001 16.92 26.23 1.524 13.05
Year 2015 2011 2011 2014 2014

Accessibility & prescription status

In the fYR Macedonia, LNG EC is available behind the counter from pharmacies, which means that EC is available without a prescription but is not on the shelves and needs to be requested in order to purchase. The Yuzpe method is also still used, but a prescription is required in order to buy oral contraceptive pills.

Gynecologists are the sole health care professionals who are authorized to prescribe or provide LNG EC and the Yuzpe method.


Type of EC Approximate Cost Brand(s) Available
LNG € 8,0 NorLevo
Yuzpe method € 5,0 Diane 35

EC is not reimbursed or covered under social security in the fYR Macedonia. However, at least in the capital city of Skopje, EC is provided free of charge to young and vulnerable populations at the sexual and reproductive health centers of NGOs, such as the Association for Health Education and Research (HERA), the national IPPF affiliate.

Guidelines & common practices

There are no national clinical guidelines on EC in the fYR Macedonia. During routine visits, primary care providers are less likely than gynecologists to provide general information about EC and to prescribe EC in advance of need. Pregnancy tests and pelvic exams are not required before prescribing EC.

EC use

Ever use of EC EC use in the last 12 months % with no prescription Repeated use of EC in last 12 months
Estimate n/a n/a n/a n/a
Year n/a n/a n/a n/a



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Last update: June 2015