Emergency contraception (EC) is available in Luxembourg: local pharmacies and family planning centers distribute LNG EC and UPA EC without a prescription.

Sexual & reproductive health background information

Female population aged 15-49 Mean age at first sexual intercourse Mean age at birth of first child Total fertility rate % use of modern contraceptive methods
Estimate 132,0001 n/a 30.22 1.573 n/a
Year 2015 n/a 2012 2012 n/a

Accessibility & prescription status

In Luxembourg, LNG EC is available from pharmacies and family planning centers without a prescription. Since February 1, 2015, UPA EC is also available without a prescription from pharmacies and family planning centers.4


Type of EC Approximate Cost Brand(s) Available
LNG € 9,58 Norlevo
UPA € 24,294 ellaOne

EC is provided free of cost in family planning centers.


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Last update: May 2015