Welcome to the European Consortium for Emergency Contraception (ECEC)

Founded in 2012, ECEC works to expand knowledge about and access to Emergency Contraception (EC) within the European region and promotes the standardization of EC service delivery to ensure equitable access across the region.

EC is the only contraceptive method that can be used after sex, and it provides women with an additional opportunity to prevent a pregnancy.

Through this website, we hope to contribute to generating and sharing knowledge of EC in Europe. Your contributions are essential to helping us achieve this goal, and we encourage you to share EC information about your country by writing to us at ecec [at] eeirh [dot] org.

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Latest News

Argentina: New campaign to improve access to EC

March 2023. In Argentina, a coalition of organizations just launched the campaign “AHE ACCESIBLE” to make emergency contraception pills (ECPs) easier and faster to access, and to strengthen knowledge on EC, especially among young people.  As part of these efforts, the campaign is collecting signatures to request the Minister of Health to remove barriers to…

Honduras finally frees emergency contraception pills

March 2023. Honduras’ President Xiomara Castro announced on March 8 that emergency contraception pills will be allowed to be marketed and used in the country. According to Reuters, the President “signed an executive order ending a ban of more than 10 years on the use and sale of the “morning after pill,” fulfilling a campaign…

Hormonal IUDs and emergency contraception

March 2023. In 2021, in a first-of-its-kind study by University of Utah Health found that hormonal IUDs could be a safe and viable emergency contraception alternative, and that they could be comparable to copper IUDs for use as emergency contraceptives. See News. While more research is conducted, a recent Cochrane Review by Oregon Health and…