Welcome to the European Consortium for Emergency Contraception (ECEC)

Founded in 2012, ECEC works to expand knowledge about and access to Emergency Contraception (EC) within the European region and promotes the standardization of EC service delivery to ensure equitable access across the region.

EC is the only contraceptive method that can be used after sex, and it provides women with an additional opportunity to prevent a pregnancy.

Through this website, we hope to contribute to generating and sharing knowledge of EC in Europe. Your contributions are essential to helping us achieve this goal, and we encourage you to share EC information about your country by writing to us at ecec [at] eeirh [dot] org.

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Latest News

England: Pharmacy bodies call for EC to be commissioned nationally

July 2024. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), the Company Chemists’ Association, the National Pharmacy Association and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare are calling for the next government to commission a national Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) service from community pharmacies in England, similar to current arrangements in Scotland and Wales. Theses organizations demand a National Emergency…

USA: EC prescription increase in Massachusetts retail pharmacies 

July 2024. In Massachusetts, a standing order policy was introduced in August 2022, to remove barriers to contraceptive prescription. The standing order allows pharmacists to prescribe ulipristal acetate ECPs (which are prescription-only in the US) and LNG ECPs (which are OTC). A study, by Qato et al., aimed at evaluating the association of this policy…

RHSC: 2023 Social Marketing Statistics Report

July 2024. The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) just published the Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics Report 2023. The report (which to date has been published by DKT) aggregates last year’s sales data for contraceptives and safe abortion supplies of Social Marketing programs in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) worldwide. Regarding emergency contraception, over 39 million…