Several emergency contraceptive methods are available in Ukraine: LNG, UPA, and mifepristone EC pills and the Yuzpe method are available in pharmacies. LNG EC, the Yuzpe method, and the use of IUD for EC are included in national guidelines for family planning, but EC is not reimbursed or covered by social security.

Sexual & reproductive health background information

Female population aged 15-49Mean age at first sexual intercourseMean age at birth of first childTotal fertility rate% use of modern contraceptive methods

Accessibility & prescription status

According to national policies, a prescription is mandatory in order to obtain any hormonal contraceptive; thus, LNG EC, UPA EC, mifepristone EC, and the Yuzpe method are registered as medical products available only with a prescription from pharmacies. However, anecdotal data suggests that prescriptions are not requested in most pharmacies and that EC can typically be purchased without one.

Physicians (gynecologists and family doctors) are the health care professionals who are authorized to prescribe LNG EC, UPA EC, and mifepristone EC. Midwives can provide counseling on contraception, including EC.


Type of ECApproximate CostBrand(s) Available
LNG€ 10,20Escapelle, Postinor
UPA-Dvella (no longer available)
UPA n/aUlissa
Mifepristone€ 6,14Gynepriston

The cost of EC is not reimbursed or covered by social security in Ukraine.

Guidelines & common practices

Ukraine has several guidelines that include EC among other contraceptive methods. These include the clinical protocol “Family Planning” and the clinical guideline “Family Planning,” which were both endorsed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health by order #59 on 21 January 2014; and the clinical manual “Modern Aspects of Family Planning,” which was published in 2012 and is recommended by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to be used in health facilities providing family planning services and for post-graduate education and trainings. Among these three references are recommendations on LNG EC, the Yuzpe method, and the use of IUD for EC.

Health care providers sometimes provide general information about EC during regular consultations but rarely prescribe EC in advance of need. Health care providers do not require a pregnancy test or a pelvic exam before prescribing EC.

EC knowledge

Knowledge of EC among all women aged 15-49 years (%)Knowledge of EC among currently married women aged 15-49 years (%)Knowledge of EC among sexually-active and unmarried women aged 15-49 years (%)



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