Honduras: New EC educational materials

Novembre 2023. In Honduras, Optio developed Spanish versions of emergency contraception (EC) educational tools, to strengthen EC knowledge among health providers and community workers within Ashonplafa‘s network. In particular, the materials translated and adapted to the local context include:

  • The module on EC pills of the Training Resource Package for Family Planning
  • The EC wheel “Rompiendo el molde #PedílaPAE”, that summarizes and provides recommendations on use of LNG ECPs (one and two pills formulations) and the Yuzpe method.

In Honduras, the reintroduction of EC was announced in March; by August, LNG ECPs were already registered, and today ECPs are found on the shelves of pharmacies, with prices ranging form 90 to 250 Lempiras (around 3 to 9 €) per unit.

ECEC thanks the Optio team for sharing with us the results of their effective work in partnership with Ashonplafa, and their knowledge about the speedy process of reintroducing EC pills in Honduras.  

Images from EC trainings in Honduras, provided by Optio.

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