Hormonal IUDs and emergency contraception

March 2023. In 2021, in a first-of-its-kind study by University of Utah Health found that hormonal IUDs could be a safe and viable emergency contraception alternative, and that they could be comparable to copper IUDs for use as emergency contraceptives. See News.

While more research is conducted, a recent Cochrane Review by Oregon Health and Science University, has examined if, according to the available literature, a levonorgestrel IUD (LNG‐IUD) was as effective as other methods for EC. According to this review, “the current evidence does not provide definitive evidence on the effectiveness of LNG‐IUD for EC.  More comparative studies are needed to see if the LNG‐IUD is as effective as the Cu‐IUD for EC.”

More research will be needed, in order to change practice. We hope it can be done soon and more highly effective post-coital contraception choices become available. 

Read the full Review here.

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