Impact of banning EC ads on method awareness

November 2022.  An article recently published in the German edition of Glamour points at an important element in EC knowledge and use in many countries:  the ban on EC advertising in media outlets, and how it contributes to the low knowledge of this contraceptive method.
“I was unprepared for everything I had to endure that morning at the pharmacy. Because in Germany there is an advertising ban for the morning-after pill. So there is no way to find out about this very important drug that enables women to exercise their right to physical self-determination. As a result, every fourth woman in Germany is not even aware that the morning-after pill can be used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy if there is a contraceptive failure. Furthermore, 50 percent of women do not know that the morning-after pill is available in pharmacies without a prescription.”
The article is available on Glamour’s website:

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