New study on EC users in Italy

A study published in September 2016 in the European Journal of Contraception & Reproductive Health Care looks at the characteristics and profiles of 1773 women who presented at an emergency service (ES) for a prescription of EC (mandatory until May 2015) in Italy.

The study found that the mean age of the women was 26.0 years; 78.5% of the women were Italian; 91.5% were unmarried; 55.2% were still studying and 51.9% had high school education; 61.2% reached the ES within 12 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse (USI); and 42.4% had USI during days 9–16 of their menstrual cycle. LNG was prescribed in 81.4% of women and UPA in 17.7%. When looking at why women were requesting EC, the majority (57.9%) requested EC for condom rupture; 49.5% reported previous use of EC; and 41.6% received information on the subject through friends. The vast majority (83.8%) reported prior use of contraception; in 25.4% the reason for not using it was the absence of a relationship. This study highlights the importance of understanding the profile of women requesting EC so that they can better choose the right long-term contraception for them.

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