Objecting pharmacies in Spain: “If someone comes asking for EC pills, just say we don’t have any”

January 2022. A report published on newtral.es on December 2021 shows the challenges of working in “conscious objector pharmacies”. In these pharmacies the individual right to object dispensing EC pills on conscientious grounds, is extended to the entire team in the shop, despite being an individual right:  https://www.newtral.es/farmacias-objetoras-de-conciencia-pildora-del-dia-despues/20211219/. Testimonies of individuals who, in Spanish pharmacies, have been denied EC for different arbitrary reasons, or that were asked to present a prescription in order to buy EC , are also quoted.

EC pills are marketed in Spain since 2001, and as of 2009 a prescription is no longer necessary for purchase. The report also looks into the confusing Spanish legislative framework regarding the obligation to store medicines for urgent use in pharmacies.

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