Scotland: Novel measures to bridge EC to ongoing contraception

November 2021. Individuals ages 13 to 55 will be able to access a temporary 3-month supply of oral contraception (a progestogen-only contraceptive pill) from community pharmacies, at the time of obtaining emergency contraception (EC). The Scottish government just announced this innovative measure, aimed at bridging the gap between EC and use of longer-term contraception.

Until now, pharmacies could only supply EC and recommend clients to see their doctor or contraceptive specialist, for counselling and/or a prescription of a long-term method. Now they will be able to provide a temporary supply of oral contraceptive pills

The measure is based on a successful pilot tested in pharmacies across Lothian and Tayside, which resulted in a clinically meaningful increase in the subsequent use of effective contraception.

Read more about the new measure in the Scottish Government website or here.

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