The Vatican and emergency contraception

April 2021. According to news on Raitre, for over 20 years and until 2016, the Vatican invested in companies that produce emergency contraception pills. The Vatican doctrine defends life from the moment of conception. Emergency contraception pills (popularly known as “the morning-after pill”) do not interfere with life after conception. Emergency contraception pills inhibit ovulation: if a woman has not yet ovulated, the pill will prevent her from ovulating (and will therefore prevent fertilization). The morning after pill does not interfere with the implantation of a fertilized egg. 

Therefore, with these investments, the Vatican has not transgressed its own doctrine.

You can visit our website, or WHO’s page on emergency contraception to lear more about this postcoital contraceptive method, that provides women with a second chance to prevent pregnancy, after unprotected sex.


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