Contraception Atlas 2023

February 2023. On February 8th, the European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual & Reproductive Rights (EPF) launched the 6th edition of the European Contraception Policies Atlas. Members of the European Parliament Sophie in ‘t Veld and Fred Matic, chaired the event.

The United Kingdom, France and Belgium are once again in the top three positions, while Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Poland come out as the worst performing countries.  Visit EPF’s website to learn more, or download EPF’s press release.

The Contraception Atlas scores 46 countries on access to contraceptive counseling, supplies and online information about modern contraception. The Atlas is an excellent tool for national and regional advocates and policy makers, working to advance national contraceptive policies. The European Consortium for Emergency Contraception is proud to have participated one more year in the Atlas’ Expert Group.

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