UK: LNG EC pills more affordable in some pharmacies

July 2017. The British health retailer Superdrug (the second largest chain in the United Kingdom) announced on June 27th the sell of a generic levonorgestrel (LNG) emergency contraceptive pill, at less than half the price of the currently branded EC pills. Ezinelle will be sold at around 15,30 €, while currently the rest of LNG brands cost around 42 €.

In 2016, ECEC analysed the differences in the price being paid for EC pills when procured directly from pharmacies, across European Union countries. The highest prices were found in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where women pay over 40 € for levonorgestrel EC pills, and the lowest in France, at 7 € for the exact same product. Based on this data, the NGO British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas), launched the Just Say Non campaign, to demand more affordable prices.

Congratulations to Bpas for the smart and fruitful campaign and for making EC more accessible to all women in the United Kingdom. More news from British media outlets here, here and here.

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