Honduras: Is EC really available to sexual violence survivors?

December 2022. The Ministry of Health in Honduras recently published a new protocol to provide comprehensive care to survivors of sexual violence (Protocolo de Atención Integral a Víctimas / Sobrevivientes de Violencia Sexual). The protocol includes the provision of  emergency contraception as part of the first line treatment, which is a major step forward. At the operational level, however, it is unclear how this measure will be implemented given that a ban that prevents any sort of emergency contraceptive formulation from being sold, distributed or used, is in place in Honduras since 2009.

The Grupo Estratégico  por la Pastilla de Anticoncepción de Emergencia (a coalition working to make EC pills available again in the country) has expressed concerns: “While the protocol is an advance, making emergency contraception pills available only to survivors of sexual violence, continues to constitute a violation of the human rights of people in Honduras”. Read the full statement here.

Emergency contraception can prevent pregnancy after rape and is safe in all circumstances and for females of all ages. To learn more, read the position papers on EC for rape survivors from the International Association of Forensic Nurses  and the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception.

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