In the UK: mandatory consultation with pharmacist to buy EC, put into question


January  2019 –  In the United Kingdom, the charity British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) published Pharmacy provision of emergency contraception: A mystery shopper study.

A consultation with the pharmacist prior to purchasing EC is still mandatory in the UK, as it is considered an important opportunity to give a woman information about all her contraception options; STI screening and any other sexual health questions she may have.

The study looks into what information is given during a consultation, in order to assess whether the value of that information offsets the additional barriers created by requiring that emergency contraception only is sold by a pharmacist following a mandatory consultation.

Based on the report findings, BPAS calls for the reclassification of levonorgestrel (LNG) EC pills, so they can be purchased directly from the shelf (what is common in countries like Sweden or the USA), and that any additional information a woman may need, be provided at her request. Download and read the full report here.

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