Poland: Pilot program for pharmacy prescribing of ECPs

May 2024. In Poland on May 1st, 2024, a new regulation came into effect as a temporary pilot program, through which individuals over the age of 15 can consult with a pharmacist, obtain a prescription, and directly purchase UPA ECP. To date, a visit to a doctor was needed to obtain a prescription, prior to obtaining the ECP in the pharmacy.

This program, however, does not include ECPs with levonorgestrel. The regulation does not apply to all pharmacies in Poland; individuals can access UPA ECPs through the pilot program no more than once every 30 days; and the person intending to use EC must be present during the consultation.

The program will run through June 30th, and is part of the important efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Health to expand access to modern contraceptives in Poland. ECEC thanks the Foundation for Women and Family Planning (FEDERA) for sharing this information with our community.

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