Spain: new data on EC use among youth

October 2019. According to the National Survey on Sexual Health and Contraception among Spanish Youth, promoted by the Spanish Society of Contraception (SEC), 29,7% of young women have ever used emergency contraception (EC) pills. These figures vary when broken down by ages: 14,4% of 16 to 18 years old have ever used EC; 19,9% of 19 to 21 years old; and 34,5% of 22 to 25 years old.

On average, Spanish youth has used EC 1,49 times in their life time. When asked about the reasons why they resourced to EC, 68,5% mention condom rupture; 22,7% misuse or non-use of regular methods; and 5,2% because having missed the pill.

The survey inquired over 1200 individuals of ages between 16 to 25 during July 2019. For more information on the survey findings (in Spanish), see here.

In 2018, a different survey also sponsored by the SEC, found that 30% of sexually active women of ages 15 to 49, had ever used EC. See more details in the survey report (in Spanish, here).


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