USA: Increased EC use linked to higher education and urban live.

December 2023. The National Health Statistics Report num. 195 offers valuable information about emergency contraception (EC) use and the general profile of EC users in the United States (US) during the period 2015-2019. Here is a snapshot: 

In the United States:

  • The percentage of women age 15–44 reporting ever use of EC increased from 10.8% in the period 2006–2010 to 26.6% in 2015–2019.  
  • A higher percentage of Hispanic women had ever used EC (28.0%) compared with Black women (20.8%). Among Hispanic women, a higher percentage of those born in the US had ever used EC (35.6%) compared with those born outside the US (18.9%).
  • EC use increases with the number of schooling years (from 12.2% for women without a high school diploma to 26% for women with a bachelor’s degree or higher), and among women living in urban areas (25%) compared with those in rural areas (15.9%).

Read the whole report here

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