Andorra: EC pills to be sold without prescription 

June 6, 2018. The Ministry of Health of Andorra announced today that, upon review of the current provision policies for emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs), pharmacists have been informed that prescription requirements have been lifted. Andorra currently has both LNG and UPA ECP products in the market. The safety profile of ECPs, the critical importance of facilitating timely access to the method in order to ensure efficacy, and the provision policies in place in other countries, are some of the reasons supporting this political decision.

The cost of ECPs will be covered by the Social Security System when procured with a prescription. Those under 16 will require a prescription, or parental consent.

Andorra, a landlocked microstate in the Pyrenees, with a population of about 77.000 people, is still one of the few European countries where abortion is not allowed under any circumstance. For further details, see the official communication by the Ministry of Health.

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