“Let’s talk about emergency contraception: Strategies to scale up access” 

August 2022. The Asia Pacific and the European EC consortia (APCEC and ECEC) are organizing a casual gathering within FIAPAC’s upcoming conference, to talk about emergency contraception (EC). 

Please join us for lunch at the 14th FIAPAC Conference in Riga, on September 10th for a conversation on how to scale up access to emergency contraception (EC)  and how can regional EC consortia contribute to:  

  • Improving access to timely, rights- and evidence-based EC information 
  • Facilitating information sharing to learn from each other’s efforts to put EC into women’s hands 
  • Linking stakeholders and pooling our collective expertise

This lunchtime session will be facilitated by Deborah Bateson and Angela Dawson (APCEC) and Tina Puig (ECEC). 

On September 10th, from 12h45 to 13h45, grab your lunch and meet us at the Senats Hall. Be part of this conversation, in which we all are experts. We look forward to seeing you there.




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