Catalonia: new EC provision protocol for public health services

July 2022. The Catalan Health Department just published a new protocol for emergency contraception (EC) provision in public health services. The protocol now includes LNG and UPA EC pills, and also the insertion of the Cu-IUD.

According to data estimates included in the document, in Catalonia in 2020 about 89% of EC pills were sold directly in pharmacies, while only 11% were provided in public health facilities (primary care units, sexual and reproductive health clinics, and emergency rooms).  In 2020, the demand of EC pills in the public health system decreased by 57%, compared to the previous, prepandemic, year.

As an innovative measure, patients will be given a voucher for a fast-tracked visit to a reproductive health clinic, for follow up and contraceptive counseling, in order to promote the uptake of more effective contraceptive methods.

The protocol and related publications, can be downloaded form the Health Department website here, and also here.

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