EU Parliament urges Polish authorities to repeal law restricting access to emergency contraception

December 2020. On November 26, the Members of the European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning the setback to women’s sexual and reproductive rights in Poland, and drawing attention to the legal obligation of the European Union to uphold and protect these rights. The resolution also urges Polish authorities to repeal the law limiting access to the emergency contraceptive pill.

In 2015, UPA EC pills became directly available from pharmacies in Poland (and in all European Union countries except for Hungary) as a result of European Medicines Agency’ recommendations. However, in July 2017, a new law entered into effect in Poland, reinstating mandatory prescription for UPA EC. Local experts report that doctors often deny prescriptions for EC pills on the grounds of personal beliefs.

Poland and Hungary are the sole European Union countries that still require a prescription for EC pills. Both countries disregard EC pills safety profile, and the fact that time to treatment is essential to maximize efficacy.

Read “European Parliament resolution of 26 November 2020 on the de facto ban on the right to abortion in Poland (2020/2876(RSP))” here.



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