Spanish National Health Service fails to fund EC

It was recently reported that the Spanish National Health Service (NHS) does not fund EC nor does it reimburse patients who purchase EC. Furthermore, EC availability is dependent on the regions within Spain, and it is not universally available throughout the country. This issue was raised by Grupo Parlamentario de Unión Progreso y Democracia (UPyD), which is questioning the Spanish government’s commitment to sexual and reproductive health, especially considering that the Ministry of Health recently retired eight brands of oral contraceptives in the core portfolio of the NHS. UPyD also contends that Spain has suspended its sexual and reproductive health education programs. The Spanish Ministry of Health has responded that in regards to sexual and reproductive health, it has ratified all international agreements approved by the UN and its new Plan for Children and Adolescents promotes education around these issues.

Read the original article in Spanish here.

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